questões frequentes

Evohouse - Frequent Questions

1. Can I get a bank loan?

This is perhaps one of the most frequent questions that we are asked and the answer is: Yes. Moreover, Evohouse has partnerships in this direction. Contact us to know how we can help you.

2. Do Evohouse Houses need to be licensed by the City Council?

Yes, just like any other house. The final price includes all the necessary projects to license your house.

3. Do I need to have land with building capacity?

Yes, Evohouse only builds with customers who already have land. Even the bungalow type mobile products that we have require a land with building capacity.

4. Are Evohouse Houses sturdy?

Yes, Evohouse Housing complies with all national and international legislation. All materials are even CE marked.

5. Are Evohouse Houses insured by insurance companies?

Yes, the houses are insured by insurance companies.

6. Can I apply any kind of material in my house?

Yes, your house, your tastes! You can choose all the materials, colors, and any features you want. The Evohouse team will help you with the right choice.

7. Can I have traditional and modern houses?

How your house looks is up to you. Whether traditional or more modern, it will be the house of your dreams.

8. Are Evohouse Houses less resistant than traditional houses?

No. Light steel houses are as resistant, if not more so, than traditional houses. Did you know that in earthquake resistance, light steel houses perform better?

9. What is included in the construction of the House?

Our residences are turnkey. Only exterior repairs, appliances, exterior connections of public branches, licenses and fees are not included. This way, all the exterior repairs that you want, will be budgeted separately.

10. What are the major differences between traditional construction and Evohouse houses?

Evohouse homes are at the highest levels in terms of thermal, acoustic and air quality. In short, it is a house at the highest levels of comfort and with the lowest energy consumption on the market.

11. Do Evohouse houses respond to today's environmental problems?

Yes, most materials used in houses are recyclable. When you buy a house, you are contributing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and thus contributing to a healthier planet.

12. Which heating and cooling systems are the most recommended?

The Houses, in being energy efficient, favor heating and cooling systems with short operating modes. However, it is possible to use any system available on the market, including heat recuperators.