Economy Bungalows: Mobility taken to the max

Bungalows Evohouse- Our Housing Modules Would you like to have a bungalow to serve as an Exterior Office, Pool House, or a Module to receive your guests on a plot of land or in your backyard? With Evohouse it is already possible! The Evohouse Bungalows, or also called Housing Modules, Ler Mais


Want to live in a Sustainable House? Evohouse LSF Housing can make your life more environmentally friendly. The construction, operation and subsequent demolition of buildings accounts for approximately 40% of all energy production and contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. The construction industry therefore presents great potential for reducing greenhouse Ler Mais

Pleasure for your senses: The houses of the future have arrived!

Your House of the Future! Humans have evolved, so has construction, engineering, and architecture! We talk about Houses of the Future but the reality is that these are the new Houses of the Present. The user is at the center of the experience and everything revolves around him/her. The goal Ler Mais