Casas do Futuro
Your House of the Future!

Humans have evolved, so has construction, engineering, and architecture! We talk about Houses of the Future but the reality is that these are the new Houses of the Present.

The user is at the center of the experience and everything revolves around him/her. The goal is to achieve a high level of comfort for the whole family. We emphasize the intelligent use of space and storage so that you can enjoy the pleasures of life in a pleasant way.

In Evohouse we have the concern to develop homes designed to keep up with the rapidly changing lifestyles of our customers. Today you need a T2 but tomorrow a T3. This will not be a problem because all our projects are completely adaptable.

The interior is as important as the way everything is built.

You don’t have to worry anymore about opening the window to ventilate your house or to improve the air quality, Housing is prepared to do that for you.

The included ventilation technology will purify and freshen the air you breathe, regardless of the quality of the air outside. Consequently, your lifestyle will become healthier.

Just as during the day you need a light that revitalizes you, at night you need a light that relaxes you. For that reason light fixtures will adjust to you and what you need to do indoors.

You can have several heating or cooling systems because everyone feels the thermal comfort differently. You can control them on your smartphone. Weatherize the house before you arrive or close the blinds because you forgot them open when you left. Finally, the house can produce the energy it consumes and even fuel an electric car during the night.

The Houses of the Future are here!