Sustainable House

Want to live in a Sustainable House? Evohouse LSF Housing can make your life more environmentally friendly.

The construction, operation and subsequent demolition of buildings accounts for approximately 40% of all energy production and contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. The construction industry therefore presents great potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and with the integration of innovative construction technologies, a reduction in energy consumption is possible.

It is in response to this serious environmental problem that appears the Evohouse. We intend to create homes without forgetting about future generations. For this, we integrate materials that can be recycled to minimize the ecological footprint. The environment thanks you!

LSF or Light Steel is high quality and 100% recyclable. In other words, it can be recovered at the end of the building’s useful life.

In addition, Evohouse houses are designed in such a way that rainwater can be used and reused. Yes, here we think about everything, because every measure counts for achieving a better world. The toilet flushes can be filled with rainwater, as well as the water you will use to water your garden.

As for our lighting fixtures, they are class A+. Our water heating equipment is also highly efficient, because we need to save our planet’s resources.

If you want, you can even take advantage of the temperature underground to minimize the use of electricity.

In Evohouse Sustainable house, we are able to take advantage of natural resources in a sustainable way. For us, it is important to minimize environmental impact, even though our primary goal is maximum user comfort.

It is possible to live with maximum comfort in a Sustainable Dwelling, do you believe?

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