Bungalows Evohouse- Our Housing Modules

Would you like to have a bungalow to serve as an Exterior Office, Pool House, or a Module to receive your guests on a plot of land or in your backyard? With Evohouse it is already possible!

The Evohouse Bungalows, or also called Housing Modules, are Evohouse products of quick installation and high quality and comfort. They are the perfect option if you have a plot of land or a yard that you want to give a new life to.

We have several models for you, to meet your needs, in typology T1 or T2, equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or office, as you want. And you don’t have to worry about organization, they all have built-in cabinets to ensure the intelligent use of space.

Evohouse handles the ground adaptation and installs a 1 bedroom in just 2 days. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? But that’s not all: Our housing modules also have air conditioning installed, so you can get maximum comfort.

An economical, ecological, and modern option. Without compromising your comfort and your well-being.

Are you interested? Request your budget and come visit all the models we have for you? Contact us!

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